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Banks Not Paying Taxes On Properties Seized In Foreclosure « CBS Sacramento
Is Kohl’s Marking Up Before Markdowns? « CBS Sacramento
Inside Stockton’s Violent Gold Chain Robbery Epidemic « CBS Sacramento

Government & Politics

State Park Employees Go Bowling On the Job « CBS Sacramento
CalVet Officials Leave Veterans With No Place To Park « CBS Sacramento
State Bought $120K Medical Dummy Sources Say Has Never Been Used « CBS Sacramento
The Dirt on L.A.’s Parking Ticket Moneymaker | Forth Magazine


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The Cellphone Protection Plan Honesty Test « CBS Sacramento
A ‘Concrete’ Plan to Fix Broken Street Lights « CBS Sacramento

Hard News

The Phone Calls You Don’t Know You’re Not Getting « CBS Sacramento
USC police apologize for removing Jewish student from pro-Palestine student event Sept. 19 –
Gunfire, screams reported in popular USC residential area –
Hyperinflation: The Chaos of Everyday Life in Zimbabwe – The Hedge Press
Santa Monica’s public art the first thing to go in tight economic times


Calls for “justice” in teenage “Affluenza” killer’s case are misguided
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Entertainment / Art

MAD WOMAN: The Colorful Career of a Creative Legend


Why Media Is Threatening Self Destruction to Shut Down An App
Building Better Journalism: The Three Ways Journalism Must Change
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