Below are snippets of what journalists, co-workers, teachers and business partners are saying about Matt Schrader. Additional references are available upon request.

Kurtis Ming, Consumer Investigative Reporter, CBS 13 Sacramento

“[Matt] know[s] our technology inside and out, and I appreciate being able to rely on [him] to teach me and others around.” “[Matt has] shown leadership requesting critical documents tied to investigations and staying on top of the various agents in getting them.” “It’s clear [Matt] want[s] to produce good television.”

Joel Grover, Investigative Reporter, NBC 4 Los Angeles

“A promising young journalist with tremendous potential. … Matt showed incredible passion for journalism and considerable knowledge of good ethics and journalistic principles. … Matt is a dogged reporter and a perfectionist, and I have no doubt these qualities will make him a success at whatever he does. He will be an invaluable part of any news team.”

Dan Geduld, Regional News Producer, NBC NewsChannel

“He’s a creative thinker with intelligence, curiosity and common sense. Matthew is an extremely quick learner and not afraid to apply that knowledge to the constantly changing demands of broadcast journalism.”

Tony Courtwright, Director of Sales and Marketing, KTVB NewsChannel 7 Boise

“Matt is an independent self-starter that delivers top quality results. He made a huge impact when we were juggling multiple product development initiatives and sales blitzes.” View on LinkedIn

Trevor Thompson, Reporter, KSNV News 3 Las Vegas

“Matt Schrader is one of those rare individuals who possesses not only vision, but the ability to see his vision through to the finished project. … Matt is unafraid to challenge leadership he believes has gone astray because he has always been a leader himself, and he knows the hallmarks of a good leader. … While investigative journalism is a passion for Matt, he is undoubtedly one of the most versatile journalists I have ever encountered. … [I] have not met a man or woman I admire or trust more. Even those individuals with 40 or 50 years of experience don’t possess the inherent knack for the job that Matt does.” View on LinkedIn

Jonathan Willbanks, Entreprenuer and Founder, Southern California Business Film Festival

“One of the most fiercely intelligent and all-around capable people I have ever met … who also possesses the qualities of moral conviction. … Beyond Matt’s remarkable command of the written word and ability to craft compelling narratives around just about anything, beyond his deep understanding of emerging technologies and the politics that shape them and beyond his prodigious work ethic and output is a person who cares profoundly about issues ranging across technological, political and cultural spheres.” View on LinkedIn

Joseph Paisley, High School Sports Editor, Colorado Springs Gazette

“He has shown a drive to succeed and willingness to learn. He rarely needs to be shown how to do something twice. … I believe he has a bright future in this business.”

Mark Marino, Internet/communication professor, University of Southern California

“Matthew is a gifted young man who applies his talents with energy and passion. I have seen him in action both in and out of the classroom, and I believe that he had quite a bit to offer his chosen profession and his community. … He puts his full effort into his career path and also the other tasks that he takes up along the way. … He has a great talent for motivating others. … I must say that he is one of the top 1 percent of students in this regard that I have taught over my 15 years of teaching.”